originally posted October 9th, 2023

Good day. I started updating this website to an acceptable state about... a week ago, and it's gotten an unexpected amount of views since. I've found out that this is because NeoCities pushes websites that update to a "latest updates" board, which explains a lot considering that I was at one point making an update around every 15 minutes. I intended it to only be viewed in a small circle of friends, but I suppose now I should say what this mess is all about.

About this website... It's a place to host my story projects which go under the "GUERREGEAR" banner. These stories all sharing the same universe/timeline/what have you, but are all largely self-contained little experiments. There are common elements in them, but the main intention is for each to tell its own story.

If I had to sum it up, I'd say it's a heartwarming story about the heroes who wield the curses known as the GUERREGEARs for the power of good.

I actually started this project quite a while ago, with multiple previous failed iterations, none of which I was really happy with because they were, long story short, me trying to work with previously established characters and lore for another setting that I no longer enjoyed making... I didn't go fully independent with the story I want to tell until I hard-semi-rebooted with Lovestep Chain 000, the only comic available right now on this site... Even if it only has the prologue up, which might not inspire much confidence with how clunky and exposition-y it is... I do have three additional chapters, all around 11 pages long waiting to be uploaded once I make some final edits to the comic reader script. The art also leaves a lot to be desired, and while I do try to learn and improve (especially from feedback) my main focus is really on the story and characters. I hope you'll enjoy it for what it's worth.

There's another story on here: Requiem for a Railroad. It's my first attempt at a long, multi-chapter story, so the prose is quite stiff and the writing is... not very good. Though RfaR was written long before Lovestep Chain 000, it is not intended to be the opener of this saga. Though you certainly can make it that way, unconnected stories and all. It started life as an entry in the previous iteration of the GUERREGEAR project as a celebration of the 5th anniversary of stories by a group I'm in, but was always pretty explicitly disconnected to the rest of the story even in that old iteration, allowing it to continue into this... hence why I said hard-semi-reboot earlier. I actually have three more chapters of that story too, with some being extremely short and some being... extraordinarily long, all of which are also awaiting me to implement a reader to display. They totaled 100 pages in my Google Docs, at least.

Here's a little timeline of all the stories I've made. Not all the stories I have planned, because I don't like making promises.

If Techno Cop sounds really metal to you, you should probably keep expectations down. I'll need to rework pretty much everything there before I can publish it. And it's not that good.

I know I've spent a lot of this blog disparaging my own work but I do hope you enjoy reading it. They might not be magnum opuses but I do try my best, as do the people who help me on the creation of these stories. Maybe wait a bit for me to update the readers, though that might take some time given my status as a full-time student.

About myself... My name is moyu - this is the only place where I've ever published my creations outside of private, tiny groups, and is where this artist handle debuted. If you'd allow me to call myself an artist. I'm 119-year old gamer gunk extracted from a gamer girl operating out of Canada in an alternate universe. I'm still learning a lot of things and picked up digital illustration as a hobby in 2020. I have a Wacom tablet I've been using since 2018 or so, but I didn't know how to use actual art software then. I'd argue I still don't really know how to now. I've always wanted to tell big stories but made a bad decision to force myself to use some characters I didn't enjoy working with for about half a decade before finally deciding the sunk cost fallacy wasn't going to get me another day, and I'm trying for a fresh start now. I also like programming and web designing and all that.

Unfortunately, I can't promise that this blog will be consistently updated, and I'll probably redesign it before long. Same goes for the stories - I'm doing them as a hobby as an extremely busy student, so I'll rarely have the time to devote to making them. When I do... If you've had the patience to read me beating down on my own work this far, thank you very much. I hope for your continued support. I didn't really proofread this and it's pretty much just a stream of thoughts, and I don't like speaking for my stories, so this is all the detail I can give for now.